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You can check your Your Reward Card Balance at any time while it's still loaded on the card by going to the secure website or entering your card number on their website. You'll need your card number and the PIN you created when you signed up.

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A prepaid card, also known as a prepaid debit card, is a type of gift card that can be loaded with any amount of money. It's an excellent gift idea when you don't know what to get someone or if they prefer cash. Prepaid cards are perfect for kids, teens, and adults alike. Since the funds on the card can only be used to purchase specific items, it works more like debit than a credit card.

People who use prepaid cards often wonder if they are an easy way to spend money without cash or if they put their trust in the wrong people. To answer the question, here created a comprehensive guide of everything you need to know about YourRewardCard prepaid cards.

Pros of YourRewardCard Prepaid Card Balance


These cards are a great alternative to carrying cash everywhere you go. You don't have to worry about running out of money or losing cash if your wallet is stolen. Prepaid cards can be used almost anywhere credit and debit cards are accepted.


Prepaid cards can't be used without a PIN or the card owner's name on them, so they provide a level of security when purchasing something online or in person. You don't need to share your bank information or credit card number with the store, which makes buying items much safer than using a credit card or debit card.

Reduced Spending

You won't have to use the whole amount of your prepaid card on a single purchase. Instead, you can keep the rest of it in case you need to pay a bill or buy something at a later date. You can even use it as a current account to deposit money into your bank account or even pay some bills.


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How to Use YourRewardCard Prepaid Cards

The YourRewardCard Gift card is a new type of credit card that doesn't require a credit check. It's not linked to an existing bank account or credit card; it can be used to hold or spend small amounts of money online or from any smartphone or tablet. Check Your Reward Card Balance fast and easy.

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With YourRewardCard you can build scalable workflows, manage approvals, and enjoy automatic reconciliation.

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Never worry about where your money is, or when it will arrive.

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Facts about YourRewardCard Prepaid Card

You can transfer money to your secure payment account using a credit card, debit card, or even another secure payment account.

If you want to add more money to the card, you must go online or call customer service, and the amount will be added within three days.

If you want to add funds to your card, you have to have an account with the secure payment system.

You can withdraw cash from the money on your card at any time using an ATM, but you will be charged a small amount for this service. You also won't be able to withdraw over $500 per day or $1000 a week.

The YourRewardCard prepaid card is not rechargeable. So once all of the funds are gone, they're gone until it's reloaded again into the account.

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